amino acid vs. nucleotide based phylogeny

David Guzman david_aaron at
Mon Dec 2 17:36:52 EST 2002

In article <3DC78F74.50205 at>, François Coulier wrote:
> Olga Belenkiy a écrit:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I am looking for the material (books, papers) that review and discuss 
>> advantages and disadvantages of using protein or nucleic sequence data 
>> for phylogenetic reconstruction.
>> Thanks ahead.
>> Olga.
> Have a look at Simmons et al., 2002, Cladistics vol 18, pp200-206 and 
> Simmons et al., 2002, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution vol 24, pp78-90.
> In these papers, Simmons advocates the use of nucleotides.
> François
I disagree with using nucleotide data both for phylogeny and evolution,
these biological concepts are related to phenotype. Probably, the
utilisation of expression studies (such as microarrays) can provide such
character to nucleotide data. At least that's my opinion


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