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Vijay vj_iupui at
Mon Jan 7 14:26:22 EST 2002

Dear all,

    I am a Graduate Student doing MS in Bioinformatics at IUPUI
(Indiana Univ Purdue Univ Indianapolis). I am working as Research
Assistant in Purdue Comp Sci Dept.

I have some experience with Web Development, Java, Information
Filtering, Artificial Intelligence, Databases and Distributed
Computing. I am also a born biologist.

Right now I have decided to do a study on the following topic

"Informatics Approach for Cancer". (I would like to develop a
comprehensive tool or application which would be helpful for
stakeholders in Cancer)

I searched the internet over past weeks continously and got quite a
bulk of information on this topic. I found that most of the
information on cancer are scattered, repeated and badly distributed.

I would like to hear from the stakeholders (Scientists, Doctors,
Nurses, Medical Students, Patients ...) about their real information

If you are one of them, please answer these questions.

1 How you are getting the "needed" information (Scientific Papers,
NCBI Databases, Lab Notebooks...) now?
2 What would be an ideal informatics solution? 
3 Are you using any such system right now (other than library and
search engines)?
4 How much time and energy you are spending on collecting information?
5 Are you missing information (say an important research article)
using your current methods?
6 Will you be willing to pay a small amount if you are able to get
customized information anywhere at anytime?
7 What are other questions that I should ask? 
8 Any other opinion or comments?

9 Do you know anyone working on a similar or closely related project?
If so please give their contact

Thanks in advance!!!

Cheers and Happy 2002,


Vijay Narayanasamy
vj_iupui at

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