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I've posted the sequence on . I havent been able to
figure out if I get a file with the coordinates for the structure or

All I really want to do is to use it for a presentation of my bachelor
project where I've worked with five mutants of the human thymidine kinase 1.
I never meant to start a new project :-)


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> In article <pgpmoose.200207100312.27147 at>, Ulrik wrote:
> > I'm looking for the theoretical structure of human thymmidine kinase 1
> > (hTK1). I know it's been created by Gerd Folkers in 1991, but he never
> > uploaded it to The Protein Data Bank nor does he answer e-mails.
> Good thing it wasn't uploaded to PDB.  Until quite recently PDB was
> contaminated with several theoretical structures, and one had to be
> very careful to filter these out whenever using PDB.  They have now
> been moved into a separate repository, so that PDB now reports only
> models for which there is strong experimental evidence.
> > Does any have any idea where I can find the theoretical structure of the
> > enzyme?
> Unless the theoretical model had some good experimental data behind
> it, you are better off creating a new theoretical model---modelling
> techniques for remote homologs have improved a lot since 1991, and
> there is a lot more data in the PDB and protein sequence databases to
> work with.  You could start with one of the metaservers, such as the
> one at
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