Symposium: Neuroinformatics: bioinformatics for the neurosciences?

Erik De Schutter erik at
Wed Jun 12 11:39:39 EST 2002

Satellite symposium of the 3rd FORUM OF EUROPEAN NEUROSCIENCE:

Neuroinformatics: bioinformatics for the neurosciences?

July 13, 2002 - 9.00-15.00, Palais des Congres, Paris

Supported by the EC Thematic Network on Computational Neuroscience 
and Neuroinformatics

The speakers at this symposium will present the current status and 
future trends in the fields of bioinformatics and neuroinformatics 
and speculate on a possible merger of the two fields.

E. De Schutter (University of Antwerp):
T. Hannay (Nature Publishing Group, London)
J.P. Changeux (Institut Pasteur, Paris)
M. Ashburner (Cambridge University)
D. Gardner (Cornell University, New York)
T. Shimuzu (Cambridge University)
K. Friston (Instute of Neurology, London)

Program and free registration at:
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