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Mon Nov 11 23:41:20 EST 2002

Dear Colleagues

Just to let you know that we are now in the process of organizing the First
International Meeting on Applied Physics (APHYS-2003), which will be held in
Badajoz (Spain), during 15-18th October 2003. The website of this
International Conference is available at (under construction now but
fully available from the end of November). All branches of Physics will be
covered in this event, which will be specially interested in
interdisciplinary research (biomedical engineering, nanobiotecnology,
adhesion, imaging techniques, single molecules techniques, etc). Another
special feature of the Conference will be the promotion of presentation of
results of European Projects (financed by some of the Operational Programs
of the EU or any other multinational R&D Iniciatives), as well as the
promotion of contacts and meetings for creating multinational thematics
networks directed to the future presentation of joint projects.

If you are interested in attending this Conference, please contact us at
secretariat at

If you are working on a EU-funded project and want it to be disseminated in
this event, also please let us know. Of course any other suggestion will be

Best regards,

Antonio Mendez Vilas
APHYS-2003 Coordinator

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