Computational prediction of microarray probe set behaviour

Lucy McWilliam lejm3 at
Tue Oct 22 20:49:37 EST 2002

On 12 Oct 2002, Mark Carroll wrote:

> I was wondering how microarray probe set design software manages to
> evaluate the alternative probes - with what algorithms one can
> computationally predict a candidate probe's melting point, the extent
> to which it will hybridise with a given target under particular
> conditions, etc., and also if there are any public
> experimentally-derived data sets against which one can test one's
> prediction techniques. So far, I've failed to find any good overviews
> of the state of the art.
> Also, am I posting to the correct group, or would somewhere like
> bionet.biophysics be better?

Try bionet.molbio.genearrays or the microarray Yahoo group.

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