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> Hello there.
> I am molecular biologist with a lot of  practical experience.  Besides it I 
> can write algorithms in C++, PHP, VB and  published a small 
> bioinformatic paper last year. Unfortunatelly, I am not very talented in 
> explaining complex concepts and I am therefore looking for a partner who 
> can do this efficiently. I need a person with strong writing skills, 
> preferably naive English speaker, willing  to help with finishing a 
> manuscript related to  transcriptional regulation and promoters structure. 
> I will greatly appreciate any responses and provide more details by E-
> mail.

Hi Vaclav,

Are you looking for an editor or a coauthor? Are you looking for a 
volunteer or are you willing/able to pay? If you want to hire someone, 
you can find professional editors and writers with Google.



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