how do I automatically update gene coordinates after re-sequencing

Marcus Claesson m.claesson at
Fri Jul 18 01:41:50 EST 2003

Thanks, that's looks promising! I'll have a look at that. 
However, after I sent out my question I found a public
program that seem to solve the problem at least for prokaryotes. It's
Sequin at

It has quite a nice feature that checks the differences between old
and new sequence, let you scroll thorugh them and then updates. The
input is fasta format and a tab-separated textfile with annotations.
Sequin then creates a genbank entry that can be updated with new
sequence in fasta format.

My problems now seem to be solved :))


> Use the NUCmer wrapper for the MUMmer whole-genome alignment program,
>    <>. 
> A brief discussion of NUCmer may be found in the MUMmer manual,
>    <>,

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