How to select sequences in Tax BLAST Reports?

Peter Frank peter_frankde at
Tue Jun 17 01:12:48 EST 2003

I would like to select many sequences from (NCBI) Tax BLAST Reports
but I can't find a way how to select all sequences belonging to a
specific organism at once. I could click at one sequence at a time and
then retrieve the sequence but that is too time consuming.

The standard page named "results of BLAST" has little boxes in front
of all sequences which can be clicked in order to select the sequences
to be retrieved. I can then click the button "Get selected sequences",
which allows me to retrieve all selected sequences at once.

However, there are no such boxes and no buttons in the Tax BLAST
Report. Since I only want to retrieve sequences from a specific
organism, the Tax BLAST Report view is almost what I am looking for -
if there were just those little boxes for selection.

Is there any other way how I can easily select and retrieve many
sequences from a specific organism?

If not, it would be great to have this implemented in future versions
of BLAST output views/formats.


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