How to select sequences in Tax BLAST Reports?

Peter Frank peter_frankde at
Mon Jun 23 15:18:24 EST 2003

When I had a closer look at the available parameters for the BLAST
search I found out that it is possible to limit the search to certain
organisms already while doing the search. So, by doing this my problem
got solved.
Sorry for asking but I didn't know about this option before.


I wrote:

>I would like to select many sequences from (NCBI) Tax BLAST Reports
>but I can't find a way how to select all sequences belonging to a
>specific organism at once. I could click at one sequence at a time and
>then retrieve the sequence but that is too time consuming.
>The standard page named "results of BLAST" has little boxes in front
>of all sequences which can be clicked in order to select the sequences
>to be retrieved. I can then click the button "Get selected sequences",
>which allows me to retrieve all selected sequences at once.
>However, there are no such boxes and no buttons in the Tax BLAST
>Report. Since I only want to retrieve sequences from a specific
>organism, the Tax BLAST Report view is almost what I am looking for -
>if there were just those little boxes for selection.
>Is there any other way how I can easily select and retrieve many
>sequences from a specific organism?
>If not, it would be great to have this implemented in future versions
>of BLAST output views/formats.

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