ANNOUNCEMENT: Visualization of protein and genetic interactionnetworks.

Nizar N. Batada nbatada at
Mon Mar 3 22:36:17 EST 2003

CNplot: Visualization of Large scale Clustered Networks

I would like to announce the availability of a web interface for generating
high quality summary plots (pdf and ps) of protein interaction and
genetic networks. This plot is named CNplot for Clustered Network
plot. This visualization is meant to be for large scale data (1000's of
interactions and 10's of categories) for which the regular graph layout
does not reveal much information or structure.

Suppose you have some kind of membership data and a relationship between
these members. For example, you have some protein-protein or genetic
interaction data, then you can create the CNplot by typing
in your data in the web form as follows:

In the "Categories" input area, paste your data in the following format:

protein1  proteinKinase
protein2  proteinKinase
protein3  proteinKinase
protein201 Metabolism
protein309 TyrosineReceptor

In the "Edge List" input area, paste the data in the following format:

protein1 protein3
protein6 protein1

showing the interactions between members of the Categories dataset.

Then click the "Submit" button.
You will then be presented with links to download postscript or
pdf version of the plot as well as a jpg image that displays
additional information on mouse over.


Sample data and demo's of real data is available at the website as well.

If you find any bugs (i.e. bad image layout or crash) please email me the
error message that you get.
If you have some feature request, please email me the description of
your suggestion.Any Feedback is much appreciated.


Nizar Batada
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