biomath: pure math or applied math??

Pez Espada pez_espada at
Fri May 23 10:30:24 EST 2003

Hellos you all,
I am a biologist with strong interest in learning some beauty math and
mix with biology. I was trying with phisicist in a Center for
NonLinear Dynamics but I feel that I would like more the formal
axiomatic point of mathematician viewpoint. Fot the other hand, I see
that most 'Biomathematic' is today made from a "physicist math
methods" and physisct viewpoint. What you suggest me about this?? For
'Biomathematics': classic math (Algebra, Geometry, Analysis) or
"phisicists math methosds" (vectorial anlysis, Taylor series,
ODEs/PDEs, complex variable, etc, etc...)??? You are all welcome,


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