Problem in compiling GlimmerM on Linux

JW XXXjulianw at eml.ccXXX
Fri May 23 23:06:37 EST 2003

Try changing 'void' to 'int' in the source code file (karlin.c); you may 
also have to change the line in main() that says 'return;' to 'return 
1;' Having a main() routine that does not return an int is considered 
sloppy coding practice, hence it's a warning and not an error.  Not sure 
that this is the sole cause of your problem, though, since compilation 
should continue despite this.  What did you type in when you tried to 
run trainGlimmerM?  Is there an executable with that name in the directory?


Allen Gathman wrote:
> I'm trying to train GlimmerM for a new species, and having a problem
> with the makefile.  While I can compile and run GlimmerM for the
> included species files (Arabidopsis, etc.), when I try to go into the
> "train" directory and run "make", an error occurs:
> karlin.c: in function "main" : 
> karlin.c:57:
> warning: return type of 'main' is not 'int'.
> It appears to continue running make after that point, though. But when
> I try to run trainGlimmerM, it says "command not found," so it's
> apparent that the compiling hasn't completed.
> Line 57 in karlin.c reads:
>  void main (int argc, char * argv [] )
> Anyone else experience this problem?  Or have a suggestion for solving
> it?

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