Problem in compiling GlimmerM on Linux

JW XXXjulianw at eml.ccXXX
Thu May 29 11:33:09 EST 2003

> Is a return-value of '1' correct?  My understanding is that it is a general
> UN*X convention that non-zero exit codes denoted an 'ERROR' condition,
> which would preclude this code from being called by any driver-script 
> that tests the exit-code for sucess...

I believe this depends on the function in question.  Indeed, UN*X 
conventions (especially for shell scripts) do usually dictate a 0 value 
upon successful completion, but many C functions (eg. fopen()) return 
NULL upon an error and set errno.  I suppose for a main function, a 
return value of 0 would be more usual as it is most likely to be tested 
in a 'driver-script' which should follow the conventions.  But I think 
this debate is derivative to the original question; the point is, SOME 
value should be returned.


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