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Call for Papers
                                             ECAI 2004
                    16th European Conference on Artificial  Intelligence
                           Valencia (Spain),  August 22-27th, 2004
The ECAI 2004 Programme Committee invites submission of papers for the  
Technical Programme of the 16th biennial European Conference on  
Artificial Intelligence
Important dates

13 Feb 2004            Deadline for paper summaries
18 Feb 2004            Deadline for papers
2 May 2004             Notification of acceptance
31 May 2004           Camera-ready copies of papers
24-27 Aug 2004     Technical programme at ECAI 2002

Submissions are invited on substantial, original and previously  
unpublished research in all fields of Artificial Intelligence,  
including, but not limited to:

Abduction									AI and Creativity
AI Architectures							Art and Music
Automated Reasoning						Autonomous Agents
Bayesian Learning							Belief Revision
Case-Based Reasoning						Causal Reasoning
Cognitive Modelling						Cognitive Robotics
Common-Sense Reasoning					Computer-Aided Learning
Conceptual Graphs							Constraint Programming
Constraint Satisfaction					Data Mining
Decision Theory							Deduction
Description Logics							Design
Diagnosis									Discourse Modelling
Distributed AI							Game Playing
Genetic Algorithms						Geometric Reasoning
Information Extraction					Information Retrieval
Intelligent User Interfaces				Knowledge Acquisition
Knowledge-Based Systems				Knowledge Discovery
Knowledge Representation					Logic Programming
Machine Learning							Machine Translation
Meta-Heuristics for AI					Model-Based Reasoning
Multi-Agent Systems						Natural Language Processing
Neural Networks							Nonmonotonic Reasoning
Ontologies									Perception
Philosophical Foundations					Planning
Probabilistic Reasoning						Qualitative Reasoning
Real-Time Systems						Reasoning about Actions and Change
Reasoning under Uncertainty				Reinforcement Learning
Resource-Bounded Reasoning				Reuse of Knowledge
Robotics									Satisfiability Testing
Scheduling									Search
Spatial Reasoning							Speech Processing
Temporal Reasoning						Text Mining
Theorem Proving							User Modelling
Verification and Validation					Vision

Formatting guidelines

It is highly recommended to submit papers using the final camera-ready  
formatting style, except that author names should be omitted, and  
replaced by the tracking number. Submissions must not exceed five pages  
in camera-ready format. Submissions of unformatted papers are limited  
to 6000 words including footnotes, figure captions, tables, appendices,  
and bibliography. Each half-page of figures will be counted as 600  
words. (Please note that for some papers five camera-ready pages may be  
considerably less than 6000 words in practice.) Overlengthy submissions  
will be rejected without review. Authors submitting unformatted papers  
must include a word count on their paper. Guidelines on the format of  
submissions will be available on the ECAI 2004 Style Guide page (go to and follow the link CfP -> Style  
Guide). Latex style files to support formatting of submissions are also  
available. Final versions of accepted papers will be required to  
conform strictly to the formatting requirements specified in the ECAI  
2004 Style Guide. Each accepted paper will be allocated five pages in  
the proceedings.

ECAI 2004 also accepts posters. Each poster will have two pages  
allocated in the proceedings. Papers originally sent as posters must  
follow the same guidelines as the full papers, as reported above, but  
paper length is limited to two pages. In this case, the front page must  
report the indication "POSTER". However, papers not submitted as  
posters can end up accepted as posters if the PC so decides.

 Submission procedure

Submission is a two-stage process. Authors are asked to submit a brief  
summary of their paper by 13 February 2004, followed by their full  
paper before18 February 2004(23:59 CET). The strongly preferred  
submission method for summaries is to use the web-based summary  
submission form, accessible from the ECAI 2004 home page  
( Submitted summaries will be  
assigned a unique tracking number that should be marked on the full  
paper submission. Authors without access to the web should send a  
summary including the title, authors, contact address and abstract of  
the paper (maximum 200 words), plus keywords drawn from the above list  
(plus other key-words if appropriate) to the ECAI 2004 Programme Chair  
(by email or postal mail). The summary information and the tracking  
number should also be included with the paper itself, on a separate  
sheet of paper.

Authors not able to use the web-based submission form may omit the  
tracking number. The strongly preferred submission method for full  
papers is electronically, by email (see Conference Web page for  
details). Only PDF files will be accepted. A free service to convert a  
number of widely used file formats to PDF is available at (the first three uses of this service are  
for free).

Submissions in hardcopy may also be made if electronic submission is  
problematic for the authors. In that case, six copies of the paper  
(each including the summary sheet) should be sent by postal mail or  
courier service to the ECAI 2004 Programme Chair, Lorenza Saitta, at  
the address below. The deadline for receipt of papers is 18 February  
2004 (23:59 CET) for both electronic and hardcopy submissions. Papers  
received after this date will not be reviewed. Notification of receipt  
of full papers will be mailed to the corresponding author soon after  

 Anonymous reviewing process

ECAI 2004 will operate an anonymous reviewing process. Reviewing for  
ECAI 2004 will be blind to the identities of the authors and their  
institutions. To allow for blind reviewing replace the authors line in  
your submission by the unique tracking number assigned by the  
submission of the summary form (or leave it empty in case you are not  
able to use the web-based summary submission form). Please avoid  
identifying self-references. Replace phrases like "We have shown in  
[n]" by "In [n] it has been shown ...".

 Multiple submissions policy

ECAI 2004 will not accept any paper which at the time of submission is  
under review for, or has already been published or accepted for  
publication in a journal or another conference. Authors are also  
expected not to submit their papers elsewhere during the review period.  
These restrictions only apply to journals and conferences and not to  
workshops or similar specialised meetings with limited audiences. The  
title page should include a statement that "this paper is not under  
review or accepted for publication in another conference or journal".

 The review process

All submissions will be subject to academic peer review by the ECAI  
2004 Programme Committee under the chairmanship of the ECAI 2004  
Programme Committee Chair. The ECAI 2004 Programme Committee Chair has  
final authority over the review process and all decisions relating to  
acceptance of papers. Review criteria include originality of ideas,  
technical soundness, significance of results, and quality of  
presentation. Notification of acceptance or rejection of submitted  
papers will be mailed to the corresponding author by 2 May 2004.


The best paper of the conference, as selected by the ECAI 2004  
Programme Committee, will receive a prize sponsored by Elsevier  
Science. The authors will also be invited to publish a longer version  
of the paper in the Artificial Intelligence journal. The authors of the  
10 next best papers will all be invited to submit a long version of  
their paper to a special fast-review track of the Artificial  
Intelligence journal.

 ChairPerson Address
Lorenza Saitta
ECAI 2004 Programme Chair
Dipartimento di Informatica
Università del Piemonte Orientale
Spalto Marengo 33
15100 Alessandria, Italy

Tel:     +39 0131 287 454        
Fax:    +39 0131 287 440
E-mail correspondence:            ecai04pc at

 Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings will be published and distributed by IOS  
Press on paper and as a CD-ROM. The authors will be responsible for  
producing camera-ready copies of papers, conforming to the ECAI 2004  
formatting guidelines, for inclusion in the proceedings. The deadline  
for receipt of the camera-ready copy is 31 May 2004. Note that at least  
one author of each accepted paper is required to attend the conference  
to present the paper.

For further information on paper submission, please refer to the Web  
page at:


and follow the CFP link.



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