Finding survey paper on Motif Discovery and tutorial

Inge Jonassen inge at
Tue Jan 27 22:46:00 EST 2004

Hi, a survey on methods for the discovery of patterns in sequences is:

Approaches to the automatic discovery of patterns in biosequences.
Alvis Brazma, Inge Jonassen, Ingvar Eidhammer, David Gilbert.
Journal of Computational Biology 5, 279-305 (1998)

You find more information and related papers on
where you also find a tutorial

All the best,

Inge Jonassen

Edward Wijaya wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I have been looking for a survey paper on Motif Discovery research,
> also tutorial on that area.
> Can anybody suggest me where I can find that?
> Thanks so much for your time.
> Regards
> Edward WIJAYA

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