How many animal types have hearts on the right side? Humans with right hearts

Theodore H. Smith delete at
Tue Jan 27 22:46:23 EST 2004

I'm very curious.

Do *any* animals have hearts on the right side? This may include even
fish, ocean floor volcanic ecosystem lifeforms, even insects (although
I know some insects don't even have hearts).

Is there a reason for the heart being on the left? I mean, if nature
had no reason, why shouldn't it sort of distributed? Is it perhaps
something to do with molecular chirality? That is, it just so happens
that because of the molecular chirality of the dominant lifeforms on
our planet, that for the heart to be on the left, is more energy

Do "mutants", humans with hearts on the right, tend to have different
characteristics, tendancies, lifespans than normal humans?

Just curious! Thanks a lot for your answers!

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