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In article <pan.2004. at>, Rajarshi Guha wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm a grad student whose been working mainly in 2D QSAR (with small
> molecules) along with some cheminformatics and statistics. I'm interested
> in learning a little more about bioinformatics and protein structure. Some
> of the areas I'm interested in include information theory aspects of dna
> and proteins, structure predictions etc. 
> Right now I have a pretty vague idea of different things and I was
> wondering what books I could use to get a start in the field. I'd
> appreciate it if anybody could point out a few books - both beginner and
> intermediate in the fields of computational biology/bioinformatics and
> protein structure. I've seens a few books on bioinformatics at B&N but
> they seem to be more oof a guide to software and how to write simple code.
> I'm comfartable with code and databases and I'm more interested in the
> theory.

For bioinformatics at a grad level try "Biological Sequence Analysis"
by Durbin, Eddy, Krogh, and Mitchison.

For protein structure, try "Introduction to Protein Structure" by
Branden and Tooze.

For protein structure prediction, read the special issues on CASP in
"Proteins:Structure, Function, and Genetics" (S1, S3, S5, S6).  You
can also try the book "Protein Structure Prediction" edited by
Tsigelny, for longer articles.

> In addition are there any forums or places on the net that describe some
> current areas of study in these fields? I realize i could flip through
> journals, but without having much of a background I'm afraid I might not
> be really able to appreciate them.

The FORCASP site has some discussions of
protein structure prediction.

The pdb-l list
is a mailing list for discussion of protein structure (some
prediction, more structure analysis and structural biology).

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