ECML/PKDD 2005: Call for Organization Proposals

ECML/PKDD 2004 Announcement ruggieri at
Fri Jun 18 22:45:31 EST 2004

     16th European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML-2005) and 
    9th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge 
                 Discovery in Databases (PKDD-2005)

In 2005, the ECML/PKDD-2005 conferences will be held again. The purpose 
of this call is to invite groups interested in hosting the conferences 
to submit proposals. The group selected to host the two conferences 
will propose a Program Chair and a Conference Chair - the organizing 
group, the location as well as the program/conference chairs will be
selected at the ECML/PKDD-2004 meeting of the European ML/KDD community 
in Pisa, Italy on  September 22, 2004. 

For details of ECML/PKDD-2004, see

Proposal submission:
- Short proposals - just an expression of interest - 
  should be submitted before July 30. 
- Full proposals, with more details on the organization, should be
  submitted before September 1st.

After proposal submission, the ECML/PKDD-2004 chairs will discuss the
submissions together with the  members of  advisory board of ECML/PKDD-2004
(consisting PC chairs of ECML/PKDD-2001 and 2002 and 2003), aimed at 
providing  feedback to the organizers, before their proposals are 
presented at the  ECML/PKDD-2004 community meeting in Pisa.

Full proposals should address the following issues:

1. Proposed Dates.  The conference should be scheduled for five days
   (two days reserved mostly for workshops and tutorials; three days for 
   paper sessions and invited talks).  Due to the presence of ICML-2005 
   (in early August) in Europe (Bonn) the conference should be held 
   in October, in any case, the dates should be coordinated with 
   ICDM-2005 in order that the two conferences should not occur in 
   the same week.

2. Local Parameters.  

   - Accessibility.  Is it easy and inexpensive for people (especially
     graduate students) to travel to the conference site?  (Compute
     mean airfares from Europe, but also North America, and Asia.
     Include ground transportation from relevant airports to the site.)

   - Meeting Rooms, AV Equipment, etc.  What are the physical facilities
     like?  Consider rooms for plenary sessions, parallel sessions,
     workshops, tutorials, and poster sessions.  What are the charges,
     if any, for using them?

   - Meals and Lodging.  Is there low-cost, quality housing available
     for attendees (especially graduate students)?  How far from the
     meeting rooms?  Where will attendees eat?  Please estimate costs
     for meals and lodging.

   - Demo facilities.  Will there be computing equipment and space
     available to support demos?

   - Other features.  You may mention any other aspects of the site or
     the region that are relevant.

3. Local ML/KDD Community.  Is there a local ML or KDD group/community 
   that will be involved in the organization and funding?

4. Opportunities to co-locate with other conferences.  

5. Organizational and Institutional Support.  Is there a conference
   office that can help with local arrangements?

Submission deadline:
- Expression of interest: July 30, 2004 
- Full proposal: September 1st, 2004

Send your proposals to:

Fosca Giannotti
KDD Lab. - Istituto ISTI - Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa -  
Via G. Moruzzi 1,  56124  Pisa, Italy
tel.: +39 050 3152999 
fax.: +39 050 3138091 
e_mail: fosca.giannotti at
and cc to: ecmlpkdd at

Proposals will be ranked according to cost and accessibility,
proposed dates, opportunities for co-location, attractiveness of the
location, and experience of the host group. Proposals for the joint
ECML/PKDD conference will have strong priority over the proposals 
which would not plan the collocation of these two European events.
This ranking will be presented by the ECML/PKDD-2004 chairs to the 
ECML/PKDD-2004 community of ML/KDD researchers, who will vote and 
select the best proposal.

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