Crystallographic Structure (not the 3d picture)

Philipp Pagel philipp.pagel at
Mon Mar 1 16:12:11 EST 2004

Giuseppe Torelli <joseph1900 at> wrote:

> I need the crystallographic structure
> of a protein given its amino acid sequence.
> I don't mean the 3D picture but the assigment
> of each amino acid residue in a given structure.
> May someone of you tell me a web link or something else ?

You are looking for PDB:

I don't think you can directly search by sequence at their site, but of
corse you can download the dataset and run your BLAST locally. If this
sounds like too much hassle - e.g. if you only want to use this
occasionally you can try one of these:

If you are talking about *predicting* the 3d structure the situation is
less easy: There are plenty of bright people out there who are trying to
solve that problem. While some solutions look promising, none even comes
close to an actual crystal structure...


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