Getting the gene from the pseudo gene

Colossus lcdn_NO_SPAM at
Thu Mar 4 12:57:40 EST 2004


I have a list of homo sapiens pseudo gene retrieved
from GenBank database. I would like to know how
to get the gene from which the pseudo gene "was
extracted". I'm trying to blast the nucleotide's pseudo
gene sequence but many are the result who come out.
Since I want to automatize the process of collecting the genes
from the pseudo ones it's not possible to estabilish a criteria
for retrieving the gene through an automated process (a Perl script)
by having so many and different result, so my question is:

Is there a database around on the web that giving the sequence or
the accession number of the pseudo gene gives ONLY one gene, the
UNIQUE gene from which the pseudo one was extracted ?

Thank you,
Giuseppe Torelli

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