can't find 3d structure

Kevin Karplus karplus at
Wed May 5 23:35:50 EST 2004

In article <3163a543.0405040238.16864ea3 at>, Nicole wrote:
> I can't find the structure of the following citation:
> Alzari PM, Spinelli S, Mariuzza RA, Boulot G, Poljak RJ, Jarvis JM,
> Milstein C. Three-dimensional structure determination of an
> anti-2-phenyloxazolone antibody: the role of somatic mutation and
> heavy/light chain pairing in the maturation of an immune response.
> EMBO J. 1990 Dec;9(12):3807-14.
> can anybody help?

Did you try doing an author search in PDB at ?
Hmm, Alzari had no PDB files deposited around then 1987-1992.

You might also want to check
for obsolete PDB entries, in case it has been withdrawn.

Of course, it is possible that EMBO Journal was not requiring PDB
deposition in those days, in which case the data is probably irretrievable.
(Which is why all respectable journals now require PDB deposition for
structure papers.)

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