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                          K B C S 2004
            Hyderabad, India.  December 19-22, 2004

                      Call for Participation

The International Conference on Knowledge Based Computer Systems will
be held in Hyderabad, India during December 19-22, 2004. The
conference is intended to act as a forum for promoting interaction
among researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence in India and

There will be a three-day conference during December 20-22, 2004,
preceded by a day of pre-conference tutorials on December 19, 2004.
The conference programme consists of presentations of selected papers,
invited talks, panel discussion and sponsor presentation.

Over 200 papers were submitted to the conference from India and
abroad. After a rigorous international refereeing process, about 50
papers have been selected, which will be presented during the
conference. The papers span areas such as Data Mining, Information
Retrieval, Intelligent Agents, Machine Learning, OCR, Reasoning,
Planning and Scheduling, Search Techniques, etc.

Invited Talks by:
* Prof. Tony Cohn, University of Leeds, UK.
* Prof. Martin Kay, Trinity College, UK.
* Prof. Ramon Mántaras, Campus Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona,
* Prof. Abdul Sattar, Griffith University, Australia.
* Prof. Manuela M. Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University, USA.
Pre-Conference Tutorials:
==> Speech Recognition and Synthesis (Full Day)
      * Prof. Samudravijaya K., TIFR, Mumbai, India.
      * Mr. S. P. Kishore, IIIT Hyderabad, India and LTI CMU, USA.
      * Dr. R N V Sitaram HP Labs, Bangalore, India.

==> Pattern Evolution Algorithms for Search, Optimization and Data
    (Full Day)
      * Dr. V. Sunderarajan, CDAC Pune, India.
      * Dr. V. K. Jayaraman, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune,

==> 'Evolvable Hardware' - Implication on Engineering Design and
     Intelligence of Autonomous Systems (Half Day)
       * Prof. Mircea Gh. Negoita, Wellington Institute of Technology
         New Zealand.

Registration Fees:
  * Non-profit R&D and Educational Institutions : Rs. 2800/- (100$)
  * Other Institutions : Rs. 4000/- (140$)
  * Students : Rs 1500/- (50$)
Tutorial: (full-day)
  * Non-profit R&D and Educational Institutions : Rs. 2200/- (70$)
  * Other Institutions  : Rs. 3500/- (120$)
  * Students : Rs 800/- (40$)

Tutorial: (half-day)
  * Non-profit R&D and Educational Institutions : Rs. 1500/- (50$)
  * Other Institutions  : Rs. 2500/- (80$)
  * Students : Rs 500/- (25$)

For registration details, please visit the
URL: http://www.ncst.ernet.in/kbcs2004/registration.shtml

Conference Venue:
ITC Hotel Kakatiya Sheraton & Towers,
6-3-1187, Begumpet, Hyderabad - 500 016, A.P., India.

Tutorial Venue:
IIIT, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500 019, A.P., India.
Advisory Committee:
Aravind K. Joshi, University of Pennsylvania
P.V.S. Rao, Tata Infotech Ltd., Mumbai
R. Narasimhan, CMC, Bangalore

Programme Committee:
K.S.R. Anjaneyulu, HP Labs, Bangalore
Vivek Balaraman, TRDDC, Pune
Pushpak Bhattacharya, IIT Mumbai
PP Chakraborti, IIT Kharagpur
S. Kambhampati, Arizona State University
M. Narasimha Murty, IISc, Bangalore
Bernd Neumann, University of Hamburg
Arun K Pujari, University of Hyderabad
S. Ramani, HP Labs, Bangalore
P.V.S. Rao, Tata Infotech Ltd., Mumbai (Chair)
Durgesh D. Rao, DR Systems, Mumbai
P. Saint-Dizier, University of Paul Sabatier, France
K. Samudravijaya, TIFR, Mumbai
R. Sangal, IIIT, Hyderabad
M. Sasikumar, C-DAC Mumbai (formerly NCST) (co-chair)
S. Sen Gupta, Tata Infotech Ltd., Mumbai
R. Uthurusamy, GMR Labs, USA (co-chair)

Request for Information:
For further information please refer to the KBCS-2004 home page or
write to

KBCS-2004 Secretariat,
C-DAC Mumbai (formerly NCST)
Raintree Marg, Near Bharati Vidyapeeth,
Opp. Kharghar Railway Station,
Sector 7, CBD Belapur,
Navi Mumbai - 400 614, INDIA.
E-mail: kbcs at ncst.ernet.in
Phone: +91-22-27560013
Fax: +91-22-27560004
URL: http://www.ncst.ernet.in/kbcs2004/

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