CogSci05 - Annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Association - Stresa 21-23 July 2005

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                     XXVII ANNUAL MEETING OF THE
                     COGNITIVE SCIENCE SOCIETY

STRESA (Italy) - JULY 21-23, 2005 (Tutorials on July 20)



Call for Papers and Proposals

We are pleased to announce the 27th annual meeting of the Cognitive
Science Society on July 21-23, 2005. The conference will be held in
Stresa (Piedmont, Italy). Our goal in organizing this conference is to
reflect the full spectrum of the many research areas in Cognitive
Science. We welcome all submissions, and trust that multiple research
themes will emerge naturally. We are especially interested in
submissions in areas that have been under-represented at recent
conferences. There are following categories for submissions:

    Papers: 20-minute spoken presentations (or poster presentation);
reviewed and published as six-page papers in the Proceedings. Submission

length: up to 5000 words (6 printed pages) if no figures are included.

    Symposia: Two-hour spoken presentations, including three or more
well-integrated talks on a common topic; reviewed and published as
one-page abstracts in the Proceedings. Submission length: up to 1000

    Conference Tutorials: Sessions devoted to technical tutorials may be

Review Process: Submissions for spoken papers, standard posters, and
symposia will be reviewed by these criteria: Technical/Theoretical
Merit; Relevance to a Broad Audience of Cognitive Science Researchers;
Clarity of Presentation; Significance; and Originality.

All submissions will be refereed electronically. We require camera-ready

paper copies only once accepted for publication. Information on
electronic submission formats can be found the submission web page:

Electronic templates can be found at the same page.

Conference chairs: Prof. Bruno G. Bara, Lawrence Barsalou and Monica
e-mail: cogsci05 at
Postal Mail: CogSci05, Center for Cognitive Science, Via Po 14 - CAP
10123 - Turin - Italy

DEADLINE: All submissions must be received by FEBRUARY 6, 2005 for

    Abstract Posters: Poster presentations by full members of the Society

only; not reviewed or published in the proceedings. Submission length:
up to 500 words. Society members can submit abstracts for posters
through May 12, 2005.

NEW! Call for centers

In the occasion of the 27th Cognitive Science Conference, we are
introducing a novel way for research centers to publicize and share
their work with colleagues from all around the world. This year we are 
going to bring together in Stresa not only researchers, but their 
resesarch centers as well!

If your center or department is interested in hosting an exhibit at the
Conference, we will provide you with the appropriate spaces and all the
logistic support you may need, at a minimum cost. You just need to bring 
the material you would like to show (like posters, leaflets, CDs, 
computer presentations...) and one or more people who will attend to the 

We believe this is an exciting opportunity for research centers to
present themselves in a more thorough and life-like way, as working
teams of people with theirown philosophy, projects, research programs 
and educational proposals.
This is also an excellent way to tell people about the history of your
center, to mark its place in the landscape of contemporary Cognitive 
Science and to show where it is heading in the next future. This kind of 
presentation will also attract researchers and students from other 
countries, who may be unfamiliar with your past research or may have 
missed the larger picture of your current projects.

Both large and small research centers can benefit from this new
presentation format. We encourage you to discuss it with your
colleagues, and hope that many will take advantage of this new opportunity.

Come to Stresa and bring your center with you!


Proposals will be taken care of individually, to best suit your needs in
terms of space and equipement. They should be addressed to Marco Del
Giudice, at delgiudice at
We will also be pleased to answer your questions and provide you with
more information.


The typical exhibit will cost $300 (cost price) and include a 2x3 m
(6'7"x9'10") panel, a table and two chairs. Additional panels,
furniture, computers etc. may be
added at an extra cost.

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