LAMMPS, an open-source molecular dynamics code

Steve Plimpton sjplimp at
Sat Sep 11 10:36:06 EST 2004

For those interested in classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulation,
we've released a new version of LAMMPS, our open-source parallel MD
code, which is available for download on the WWW.  It has several
features which may be of interest to you:

(1) It combines the force fields and features of several of our
    previous parallel MD codes.  Thus it can simulate atomic systems,
    polymers, metals, proteins or other biomolecules, granular
    materials, etc.

(2) It's written in C++, and is designed to allow for easy
    modification and extension, yet preserves the speed and
    scalability of the earlier F77 & F90 versions.

(3) It's portable to any parallel platform that uses MPI.  It also
    runs on single-processor boxes.

Here are the relevant URLs:              (LAMMPS WWW site)            (download page)   (on-line documentation)

Steve Plimpton
Sandia National Labs
sjplimp at

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