[Computational-biology] Hydrogen Bond Calculator

Zhang, Lu lu.zhang at vanderbilt.edu
Mon Aug 29 18:02:00 EST 2005

Dr. McDonald,

This is Lu zhang from Vanderbilt University in United States. 
I just have a couple of questions here reagrding the HBPLUS 

(1) Does the software have the capability to calculate 
the inter-molecular hydrogen bonding due to the existence of 
periodic boundary condition ?  

(2) Can the software tell user the number of inter and intra-molecular 
hydrogen bonds in the model instead of just showing the bonds and 
having the user count the number ?

(3) I don't know how long is gonna take for a letter (signed agreement) to
be delivered from U.S.A to U.K. Is that the only way to send you the agreement?

Thanks in advance.


Lu zhang
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN, 37203 

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