[Computational-biology] Java for Bioinformatics

Heather Vincent heather.vincent at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Dec 6 10:39:09 EST 2005

The University of Manchester's distance course, 'Intermediate software 
development using Java', will begin again on 9 January 2006.  This is 
one of the accredited courses that can be studied as an element of the 
programme leading to the MSc in Bioinformatics.

The MSc courses follow two themes, Bioinformatics and Computer Science. 
  The Bioinformatics courses are:

Introduction to Molecular Biology for Computer Scientists
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Introduction to Microarray Data Analysis
The Bioinformatics of Protein Structure
The Science of Proteomics
Theory and Applications in Bioinformatics
Medicinal Chemistry (Offered by the University of California, San Diego)
Molecular Modelling and Structure-based Drug Design

The computing courses are:

Introduction to programming (C or Java)
Intermediate Java
Object-oriented analysis and design with UML

The course fee for 2005/2006 is £770.  You will find further information 
here : http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/biomed/bioinformatics.html  If you have 
any questions, or need advice on the programme options, please contact 
Heather.Vincent at manchester.ac.uk

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