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	vk02720 wrote:
> I am Software Engineer and have good knowledge of C,C++,Java, Perl,
> Databases etc. I would like to get into the Bioinformatics area. Which
> is a good book to begin with ?
> Are there any websites available to point me in that direction?
> Any good correspondence courses ? 

Check the web pages for the International Society for Computational
Biology, the main professional society for bioinformatics: 
There are both lists of courses and lists of books, though without
specific endorsements.

You will probably need to take a fair amount of biology and biochem to
be really useful as a bioinformatician, and possibly also some
Bayesian statistics.  Our experience at UCSC has been that it takes a
year or two of training to turn a good programmer into a good
bioinformatician, but we are generally starting with the very best
grad student pool.  (Many of our applicants to grad school have more
publications than I did when I was applying for faculty positions.)

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