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Tobias Baskin baskin at bio.umass.edu
Tue Jul 5 14:22:29 EST 2005

Postdoctoral Position: Computer Vision Algorithms for Studying 
Biological Growth and Motility

	A postdoctoral position is available to join a research 
project in the quantification of deformable motion in biology, with 
emphasis on growth and cell motility. The position is supported by an 
NIH-funded collaboration between Tobias I. Baskin (a biologist at 
Umass Amherst) and K. Palaniappan (a computer scientist at University 
of Missouri, Columbia). Baskin and Palaniappan have developed new 
software for quantifying the spatial distribution of velocity within 
a growing plant organ (a root). The software is called RootflowRT and 
the biological application is described by van der Weele et al (2003 
Plant Physiology, 32:1138-1148). The software implements a novel 
algorithm for quantifying deformable motion that combines 
structure-tensor and robust-matching approaches. The project is to 
enhance and validate RootFlowRT, apply software engineering 
principles to the current code base, explore new computational 
algorithms, and extend the robust-tensor approach to other kinds of 
biological objects, in particular motile animal cells and embryos. 
The open position is at Amherst and involves imaging different kinds 
of biological object as well as enhancing the software. Applicants 
should have experience in some area of image processing, good 
programming skills, and, preferably, experience in biology.

	Those interested in the position should contact Dr Baskin 
(email: baskin at bio.umass.edu), and can find further information from 
his web page: http://www.bio.umass.edu/biology/baskin/ and the page 
for RootflowRT http://meru.rnet.missouri.edu/mvl/bio_motion.

	I encourage applications from anyone regardless of skin 
color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or nationality.

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