[Computational-biology] Discovery Informatics Forum: Solutions in Data Mining, Text Mining, Data Integration and PK-PD

"Jon Rees" jon.rees at bioinformaticsforumuk.net
Tue Nov 1 14:43:53 EST 2005

location: DTI Conference Centre, 1 Victoria Street, London SW1E 0ET, UK
date: 21 November 2005
time: 8:30 am to 8:00 pm

Registration Free for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies - contact
Jon Rees on jon.rees at bioinformaticsforumuk.net or phone on +44 (0)1865
484224 to request a free registration.

The "Discovery Informatics Forum" to be held at the prestigious DTI
Conference Centre, 1, Victoria St, London on November 21st 2005 will be a
unique forum for biotech and pharma R&D managers to meet the bioinformatics
and cheminformatics companies which are addressing some of the most pressing
and problematic issues facing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in
the drug discovery pipeline.  Confirmed solutions providers presenting
include Dr. John Savin (CEO) of Physiomics PLC, Dr. Simon Valentine of
Scitegic, GenoLogics (US), Dr. Jonathan Sheldon (CSO) of InforSense, Dr. Jay
Perrett (CTO) of Applied InSilico, Dr. Michael Kearns (CEO) of Amartus, Dr.
Nick Arini of Definiens, General Bioinformatics Ltd, and Dr. Neil Halliday
of Science Partners.

The meeting will be opened by Dr. Ian Gibson MP, the former chair of the
Science and Technology Select Committee of the UK Government.

Confirmed key notes speakers include Dr. Andrew Hopkins, Knowledge
Discovery, Pfizer Global Research & Development, Prof. Jun-ichi Tsujii,
Director, National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTEM), Prof. Arun Holden -
BioSim (EU Network of Excellence), and Dr. Sylvia Nagl (Head of
Bioinformatics, UCL Oncology).

The Discovery Informatics Forum is organised by the UK Bioinformatics Forum,
sponsored by UKTI and Simmons & Simmons, and supported by the ABPI, BIA,
Pharmainform and the regional biotechnology networks Oxfordshire Bioscience
Network (OBN), ERBI (Cambs) and London Biotechnology Network (London).
BioMed Central are our media partners for this event.

Companies participating in the meeting include: GlaxoSmithKline, Vernalis,
Pfizer Global Research & Development, Rosa Pharmaceuticals, Argenta
Discovery, Pharmidex, Emergent Europe, Origin Pharmaceutical Services,
Definiens, Scitegic, Cybula, Biochemics Consulting, Sharp Labs, Univ.
Edinburgh, Science Partners, Linguamatics, Entelos Inc, Intellidos,
GenoLogics Life Sciences Software Inc, Amartus, LION Bioscience Ltd,
EMBL-EBI, UCL, Applied InSilico, General Bioinformatics Ltd, Physiomics, and

The "Discovery Informatics Forum" is an opportunity for life sciences
informatics companies to showcase their offerings, bringing together
appropriate solutions to an industry which is seeking to reverse falling R&D
productivity, despite a growing global annual R&D budget of $88bn and an
extending drug development lifecycle currently about 17 years.

Although global R&D investment is escalating – it is falling in the UK (FT,
06.04.05 - ABPI), making it crucial that informatics solutions providers
maintain maximum contact with their corporate customer base. Attendees will
include UK and overseas pharmaceutical, biopharma and biotech companies.


08.30   Registration Opens
09.00   Dr. Jon Rees - UK Bioinformatics Forum - Welcome
09.05   Dr. Ian Gibson MP, former chair of the Science and Technology Select
Committee - Opening
09.20   Anil Vaidya, Consultant Sector Specialist, Biotech &
Pharmaceuticals, UK Trade & Invest (Sponsors)
09.25   Dr. Andrew Hopkins, Knowledge Discovery, Pfizer Global Research &
Development (Keynotes)

Data Mining
09.45   Dr. Rob Brown, Senior Director, Scitegic, "Enhancing enterprise
research informatics with data pipelining"
10.05   Nick Arini, Definiens, "Automating the meaningful interpretation of
digital images in the life sciences"
10.25   Dr. Jay Perrett, Applied InSilico, "Speeding up complex data
analysis and gaining valuable insight"

10.45 - 11.10   Coffee and Networking

11.10   Dr Sylvia Nagl, UCL, "A systems view of pharmacogenomics"
11.30   Adam S Corner, PhD, Senior Application Scientist (Europe), Ingenuity
Systems, "Pathways to Discovery: Leveraging Pathways to Gain Novel Insights
into Biology for Drug Discovery, Development and Clinical Studies"

11.50 - 12.10   Drug Discovery Law, Miles Alexander, Simmons & Simmons

12.10   John Savin (CEO), Physiomics PLC (PK-PD), "Applying integrated PK-PD
Modeling along the value chain"
12.30   Biochemics Consulting, Prof. Jacques R. Chretien, "Boosting drug
discovery by early ADME prediction"

12.50 - 13.50   Lunch and Networking

Text Mining
13.50   Prof. Jun-ichi Tsujii, Director, National Centre for Text Mining
14.10   Phil Hastings, Linguamatics, "I2E: a text search and mining system
used in the pharma-biotech industry."
14.30   Neil Halliday, Director, Science Partners

14.50 - 15.20 Coffee and Networking

Data Integration
15.20   Dr. Jonathan Sheldon (CSO), InforSense,  "Workflow technology as the
foundation of enterprise infrastructure for discovery informatics"
15.40   Lewis Jardine, Intellidos, "Getting more from your data"
16.00   Dr. Michael Kearns (CEO), Amartus, "Knowledge management through
data integration"
16.20   GenoLogics, "Proteomics data platform to integrate disparate
laboratory data pools"

New Models of Informatics
16.40 General Bioinformatics, "A new model of informatics allied to new
paradigms in biotech/pharma research organisations"

17.00 Wine Reception and Networking

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