[Computational-biology] Re: question for bioinformatics books?

Philipp Pagel pDOTpagel at gsf.de
Fri Sep 9 07:27:28 EST 2005

NM <nongming66 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I would like to learn some of bioinformatics by myself.
> Any suggestion for books I should read?

That depends a lot on your background and what you hope to learn in the

If you are coming from a biology background you may want to look into
programming in general (i.e. learn a programming language) plus a
general book on bioinformatics basics (such as Mount "Bioinformatics").

Coming from a computer-science background you probably want to read up
on molecular biology (e.g. Lodish, Berk et al. "Molecular Cell Biology"
or Alberts, Bray et al. "Molecular Biology of the Cell") and maybe some
genetics. In addition, you could brush up your knowledge of certain things
like machine learning etc.

In either case you will soon want to get into more specific topics
which are usually not covered by books at all -> dive into the research

Maybe you could tell us a little about yourself and your goals so you
can get more specific advice.


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