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[Computational-biology] 3rd Integrative Bioinformatics Workshop - REGISTER WORKSHOP AND ACCOMMODATION NOW!

rainer winnenburg (RRes-Roth) rainer.winnenburg at bbsrc.ac.uk
Mon Aug 7 12:09:00 EST 2006


3rd Integrative Bioinformatics Workshop 
September 4-6, 2006 
Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom http://www.rothamsted.bbsrc.ac.uk/bab/conf/ibiof/

IMPORTANT DATES (please note that the dates have been revised!!!) 
August 14: Registration for participation deadline
August 21: Poster submission deadline

Dr Steve Gardner, Chief Technology Officer, Biowisdom, UK
  Semantic Integration, SRS and the Meaning of Life (Sciences) Dr Gunaretnam Rajagopal, Deputy Director, Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore
  BioComputing at Biopolis - Opening New Frontiers at the Interface of Computing, Biology and Medicine Dr Tom Oinn, Taverna project leader, EBI, UK
  Services, Semantics and Workflows in eScience
Prof Pedro Mendes, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, USA
  Top-down Modeling of Biochemical Networks, a Grand Challenge of Systems Biology

  Monday 4th September 2006 
  11:30 Registration desk opens 
  12:30 Lunch (buffet style) 
  13:10 Welcome followed by some administrivia 
  Session 1 - Database Integration and Integrative Databases 
  13:20 (keynote) Semantic Integration, SRS and the Meaning of Life (Sciences)
        Steve Gardner (Biowisdom, UK) 
  14:00 CoryneRegNet 2: An Integrative Bioinformatics Approach for Reconstruction
           and Comparison of Transcriptional Regulatory Networks in Prokaryotes
        Baumbach, J; Brinkrolf, K; Wittkop, T; Tauch, A; Rahmann, S 
  14:25 Analysing Microarray Data using the Multi-functional Immune Ontologiser
        Khalid, S; Fraser, K; Khan, M; Wang, P; Liu, X; Li, S 
  14:50 The BioRS(TM) Integration and Retrieval System: An open system for
           distributed data integration
        Kaps, A; Dyshlevoi, K; Heumann, K; Jost, R; Kontodinas, I; Wolff, M; Hani, J 
  15:15 Integration of Protein and Protein-Protein Interaction Data: Feasibility
           Report using Microsoft .NET
        Straßer, W; Siegl, D; Önder, K; Bauer, J 
  15:40 Coffee break 
  16:00 BN++ - A Biological Information System
        Küntzer, J; Blum, T; Gerasch, A; Backes, C; Hildebrandt, A; Kaufmann,
           M; Kohlbacher, O; Lenhof, HP 
  16:25 MILAN - A medical information-system linking agents to metabolic networks
        Prins, B; Hofestädt, R 
  16:50 Data Cleaning and Semantic Improvement in Biological Databases
        Apiletti, D; Bruno, G; Ficarra, E; Baralis, E 
  17:15 Drinks and Poster Session 
  Tuesday 5th September 2006 
  09:30 Coach from recommended hotel 
  Session 2 - Integrative Systems Biology (Modelling and Simulation) 
  10:00 (keynote) Title to be announced
        Pedro Mendes (Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, USA) 
  11:05 BASIS: an internet resource for network modelling
        Gillespie, CS; Wilkinson, DJ; Shanley, DP; Proctor, CJ; Boys, RJ;
           Kirkwood, TBL 
  11:30 Coffee break 
  12:10 The implications for Bioinformatics of integration across physical scales
        Hodgman, TC; Ugartechea-Chirino, Y; Tansley, G; Dryden, I 
  12:35 A Graphical Notation to Describe the Logical Interactions of Biological
        Moodie, SL; Sorokin, A; Goryanin, I; Ghazal, P 
  13:00 Exact and Approximate Stochastic Simulations of the MAPK Pathway and
           Comparisons of Simulations' Results
        Purutcuoglu, V; Wit, E 
  13:25 Lunch (buffet style)
  Session 3 Integrative Systems Biology (Networks) 
  14:20 keynote BioComputing at Biopolis - Opening New Frontiers at the Interface of
           Computing, Biology and Medicine
        Gunaretnam Rajagopal (Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore) 
  15:00 Statistical Embedding in Complex Biosystems
        Capobianco, E 
  15:25 An assessment of machine and statistical learning approaches to inferring
           networks of protein-protein interactions
        Azuaje, F 
  15:50 Multi-model inference of network properties from incomplete data
        Stumpf, MPH; Thorne, T 
  16:15 Coffee break 
  Session 4 Data Analysis and Interpretation (Transcriptomics) 
  16:30 Co-expressed gene groups analysis (CGGA): An automatic tool for the
           interpretation of microarray experiments
        Martinez, R; Pasquier, N; Collard, M; Lopez, L; Pasquier, C 
  16:55 Combining biomedical knowledge and transcriptomic data to extract new
           knowledge on genes
        Guérin, E; Marquet, G; Chabalier, J; Troadec, M-B; Guguen-Guillouzo, C;
           Loréal, O; Burgun, A; Moussouni, F 
  17:20 Inference of Gene Coexpression Networks by Integrative Analysis across
           Microarray Experiments
        Elo, LL; Lahesmaa, R; Aittokallio, T 
  17:45 Modelling Microarray Data: Interpreting and communicating the biological
        Pittelkow, YE; Wilson, SR 
  18:10 Targeted Projection Pursuit Tool for Gene Expression Visualisation
        Faith, J; Brockway, M 
  18:35 Poster session and Bar opens 
  19:30 Conference dinner 
  Wednesday 6th September 2006 
  09:30 Coach from recommended hotel 
  Session 5 Data Analysis and Interpretation 
  10:00 (keynote) Services, Semantics and Workflows in eScience
        Tom Oinn (European Bioinformatics Institute, UK) 
  10:40 Metabolite profiles as a reflection of physiological status - a methodological
        Steinfath, M; Repsilber, D; Hische, M; Schauer, N; Fernie, A; Selbig, J 
  11:05 A First Step towards Learning which uORFs Regulate Gene Expression
        Selpi, S; Bryant, CH; Kemp, GJL; Cvijovic, M 
  11:30 Coffee break 
  11:50 Prediction of transcription factor binding to DNA using rule induction methods
        Huss, M; Nordström, K 
  12:15 Functional diversity within protein superfamilies
        Casbon, J; Saqi, M 
  12:40 Closing remarks 
  12:50 Lunch (buffet style)

Julio Collado-Vides UNAM, Mexico 
Ralf Hofestädt Bielefeld University, Germany 
Paul Kersey EBI, UK 
Jacob Koehler RRes, UK 
Chris Rawlings RRes, UK 
Uwe Scholz IPK Gatersleben, Germany 
Paul Verrier RRes, UK 

Karen Morris, BAB Division, Rothamsted Research, West Common, Harpenden, Herts. AL5 2JQ, UK karen.morris at bbsrc.ac.uk 
tel: 01582 763133 ext 2813 
fax: 01582 467907 

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