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Fri Dec 22 13:45:32 EST 2006

Recruiting Computational Chemists and other computational scientists for a company located in New 
York City.

In summary, they have a wide variety of needs on their computer science team, from massively 
parallel algorithms development to nuts-and-bolts programming. They are interested in seeing 
exceptional computer scientists, regardless of specific experience. They are especially interested 
in candidates with a background in scientific programming/software development to assist 
computational scientists doing chemistry, physics or other simulations.

Here is additional information:

Candidates should have world-class credentials in computational chemistry, biology, or physics, or 
in a relevant area of computer science or applied mathematics, and must have unusually strong 
research and software engineering skills.

Areas of experience might include the computation of protein-ligand binding free energies, molecular 
dynamics and/or Monte Carlo simulations of biomolecular systems, application of statistical 
mechanics to biomolecular systems, free energy perturbation methods, and methods for speeding up 
evaluation of electrostatic energies -- but specific knowledge of any of these areas is less 
critical than exceptional intellectual ability and a demonstrated track record of achievement.

Current areas of interest within the group include the prediction of protein structures and binding 
free energies, structure- and ligand-based drug design, de novo ligand design algorithms, and the 
development of special-purpose hardware to accelerate computational chemistry simulations.

Both senior- and junior-level members are sought and this company is prepared to offer above-market 
compensation to candidates of truly exceptional ability.

Please respond with your CV to resumes At workwondersstaffing.net. Upon receipt, you will receive a 
data sheet to complete with additional information. 

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