[Computational-biology] BIOCOMP-2007 - Special Genomics Session - Call for Papers

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BIOCOMP-2007 - Special Genomics Session - Call for Papers

BIOCOMP'07 -The 2007 International Conference on Bioinformatics &
Computational Biology
June 25-28, 2007   =    Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Paper Submission to the *Genomics Session*:
Deadline April 25, 2007
Notification of Acceptance May 5, 2007

Please send the paper in pdf file directly to mythai from cise.ufl.edu with
the subject including 'BIOCOMP'.

The accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.
The non-genomics papers will also be published in the LNCS whereas the
accepted genomics papers will be published in BMC Genomics.

BIOCOMP'07 is an international conference held simultaneously (ie,
same location and dates) with a number of other joint conferences as
part of WORLDCOMP'07 (The 2007 World Congress in Computer Science,
Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing). WORLDCOMP'07 is the
largest annual gathering of researchers in computer science, computer
engineering and applied computing. Many of the joint conferences in
WORLDCOMP are the premier conferences for presentation of advances in
their respective fields.

The motivation is to assemble a spectrum of affiliated research
conferences into a coordinated research meeting held in a common place
at a common time. The main goal is to provide a forum for exchange of
ideas in a number of research areas that interact. The model used to
form these annual conferences facilitates communication among
researchers in different fields of computer science, computer
engineering and applied computing. Both inward research (core areas of
computer science and engineering) and outward research
(multi-disciplinary, Inter-disciplinary, and applications) will be
covered during the conferences.

The last set of conferences (research tracks in bioinformatics &
computational biology together with affiliated events) had research
contributions from 76 countries and had attracted over 1,500
participants. It is anticipated to have over 2,000 participants for
the 2007 event.

You are invited to submit paper of about 5-8 pages. Topics of interest
include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Software environments for bioinformatics
- RNA and DNA structure and sequencing
- Gene regulation
- Gene expression databases
- Gene pattern discovery
- Gene identification
- Genetic network modeling and inference
- Gene expression analysis
- Biomedical electronics
- Biomedical engineering
- Mathematical biology
- Graph theory and bioinformatics
- Microarrays
- Molecular dynamics and simulation
- Molecular sequence classification, alignment and assembly
- Molecular sequence databases
- Molecular structure databases
- Image processing in medicine and biological sciences
- Sequence analysis and alignment
- Cheminformatics
- Informatics and Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research
- Software tools for computational biology
- Comparative genomics
- Protein modeling
- Molecular interactions
- Metabolic modeling and pathways
- Evolution and phylogenetics
- Macromolecular structure prediction
- Proteomics
- Protein folding and fold recognition
- Medical informatics
- Epidemic models
- Biological data mining
- Knowledge discovery
- Pattern classification and recognition
- Structural and functional genomics
- Hidden Markov Model techniques
- Amino acid sequencing
- Stochastic modeling
- Bio-ontologies
- Computational drug discovery
- Biological databases and information retrieval
- Biological data visualization
- Biological data integration
- Evolution of regulatory genomic sequences
- Experimental studies and results
- Applications
- Application of computational intelligence in medicine and biological
sciences (artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, and evolutionary
- High-performance computing as applied to natural and medical
- Computer-based medical systems (automation in medicine, ...)
- Other aspects and applications relating to technological
advancements in medicine and biological sciences.

Please note that this special session is delicated to genomics. Even
though we will accept some non-genomics papers (that fit to the scope
of this conference), we highly recommend you to submit a genomics
paper to our genomics session.

Best regards,

Genomics Session Chair:
My T. Thai, University of Florida, USA. Email: mythai from cise.ufl.edu

Program Committee Chair:
Jack Y. Yang, Hardvard University, USA. Email:
yang from hadron.mgh.harvard.edu


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