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2nd International Summer School on Collective Intelligence and Evolution
August 20-24 2007
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
decoi from few.vu.nl

                       ** made possible by **
        ** ForceVision.com, OCE.com, GetronicsPinkroccade.com **
                 ** Quintiq.com, NWO.nl, and VU.nl **


The Second International Summer School on the Design Of Collective
Intelligence (DECOI2007) will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
during August 20-24 2007. This summerschool aims to provide
master/graduate students and researchers with the opportunity to learn
techniques and methods for designing collective intelligence. The
summer school will cover a spectrum of topics within this field to
provide students with knowledge about methods and techniques
(evolutionary computing, artificial life models, self organising
systems) as well as related research domains (sociology, economics,
biology). The summer school is set up as a lecture/workshop
environment where students learn about theories and tools for modeling
and analyzing complex systems and get hand on experience with the
implementation of several models.  Participants are also encouraged to
present their own work/projects.

Prof. dr. Karl Aberer (SUI)      - Semantic gossiping
Prof. dr. Michael Batty (UK)    - Cities and complexity
Dr. Peter Bentley (UK)           - Digital biology
Prof. dr. Johnston Birchall (UK) - Design of co-operative organisations
Prof. dr. Marco Dorigo (BEL)    - Swarm intelligence
Prof. dr. Guszti Eiben (NL)      - Population-based adaptive systems
Prof. dr. Nigel Gilbert (UK)     - Social simulation
Dr. Martijn Schut (NL)           - Simulation of collective intelligence
Dr. Rob Smith (UK)               - Evolutionary methods and complex
Prof. dr. Maarten van Steen (NL) - Large-scale distributed systems

Master/graduate students and researchers in computer science,
artificial intelligence, business informatics, bioinformatics and
related fields.

** SETUP **
The format of the summerschool is as follows. Attendees of the
summerschool will be in-house at the VU University Amsterdam for a
week. During 5 days, there will be two 2-hour lectures each
morning. In the afternoon, the attendees will work in groups on
simulation studies on collective intelligence. There will be two
social events: on Monday evening an openings drink together with a
student poster session and an industrial market with the summerschool
sponsors; on Friday evening a dinner will be organised, held on a
canalboat sailing through the Amsterdam canals.

15 June        Early registration deadline
15 July        Submission deadline of student abstracts
20-24 August   DECOI2007 summer school

50 euro - early registration fee (before 15 June)
75 euro - registration fee (after 15 June)
You can find the registration form on the website.

** VENUE **
DECOI2007 is hosted by the Department of Computer Science at the VU
University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (http://www.cs.vu.nl/).

On the summerschool website, there is a list of hostels and hotels in
Amsterdam city centre, starting at 21 euros (hostel) and 49 euros
(hotel) per night. From the city centre, you can reach the VU
University campus with tram in 15 minutes.

Martijn Schut, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Konrad Diwold, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
William Veerbeek, Din_arch and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

For more information please contact Martijn Schut (decoi from few.vu.nl).

Kind regards,
DECOI2007 organising committee.

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