[Computational-biology] Gemini: Free Software for Mining Gene Expression Data and Other High Dimensional Datasets

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Mon Dec 17 20:56:49 EST 2007

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of a
set of gene expression mining tools that we have researched
and developed over the past few years under the project
"GEMINI: Gene Expression Mining". These tools include:

CARPENTER: A closed pattern mining algorithm that is specially
catered to mine tables with large number of columns (10,000-100,000)
and small number of rows (200-1000) using a concept call row
enumeration or samle enumeration under the gene expression context.

TopkIRG: An efficient rule extraction and classifier construction
algorithm that find top-k covering rules for each row/sample in
the gene expression in order to construct a highly accurate rule-based

RegMiner: A gene clustering algorithm that group coherent genes
together even if they are shifted and scaled version of a common

More details of GEMINI are available at http://nusdm.comp.nus.edu.sg/.
To obtain the software, please click on "Resources" at the website.

Anthony K. H. Tung
School of Computing
National University of Singapore(NUS)

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