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Two PhD Scholarships in Bioinformatics

Roskilde University invites applications for two 3 year PhD scholarships in a
new research project in Bioinformatics. One of the Scholarships (PhD 1) is
associated with the research group for Programming, Logic and Intelligent
Systems (PLIS) of the  Department of Communication, Business and Information
Technologies (CBIT); the other one (PhD 2) is associated with the research
group of  Molecular and General Physiology at Department of Science, Systems
and Models. The positions should be filled by 1 September 2007 or as soon as
possible thereafter.

Roskilde University (RUC) is situated 25 minutes by train from Copenhagen
Central Station, just east of the town of Roskilde, on a campus with all
facilities within a few minutes’ walking distance.

The research project, which is supported by the Programme Commission on
Nanoscience, Biotechnology and IT under The Danish Council for Strategic
Research, concerns the introduction of new methods for sequence analysis based
on i) a combination of logic programming and statistics (the PRISM system
developed by Japanese researchers is an example of such methods) and ii)
including phylogenetic information in prediction of genes and their functions.
In addition to researchers at Roskilde University, the project involves
researchers at the universities in Aalborg, Copenhagen and Tokyo; industrial
partners in the project are Chr. Hansen A/S, www.chr-hansen.com, and CLC bio
A/S, www.clcbio.com, with which the candidates should expect an active

PhD 1 will have primary focus on the computational issues, i.e., on how the
indicated methods can be adapted and optimized to sequence data and tested on
relevant biological problems, and how existing and efficient technology can be

Expected qualifications: General background in computer science, including
statistics and preferably logic programming and program analysis and
transformation; some knowledge about bioinformatics and genetics; good
programming skills will be an advantage.

PhD 2 will have primary focus on the inclusion of phylogenetic information for
improved prediction of genes and their possible function.

Expected qualifications: General background in bioinformatics, including
molecular genetics, statistics, good programming skills, experience with
databases and phylogenetic analysis.

In addition to research, the candidates may be involved in teaching (up to 840
hours for the three years, including preparation); participation in courses
plus shorter stays at industrial partners and-or other research institutions
can be expected.

PhD students are normally affiliated with a PhD program at Roskilde University;
for PhD 1, the relevant program is expected to be DMIT (Design and Management
of Information Technology, http://www.dmit.dk) and for PhD 2, this not known at
present. Roskilde University is also an associate member of the FIRST Graduate
School (Foundations for Innovative Research-based Software Technologies,

Applicants are expected to hold a Master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant
subject. Applications should include documentation of their studies
demonstrating their aptitude for research. Information on the Masters
Dissertation or equivalent is especially relevant in this regard.

Applications in triplicate (3 copies)[OS1]  must include a curriculum vitae,
documentation of previous studies, possibly relevant research publications, and
an outline of how the candidate expects to contribute to this line of research.
Should the evaluation committee ask for further material to be included in the
evaluation, the applicant is responsible for forwarding such material.

Applications will be treated in accordance with current rules on employment in
teaching and research positions at Danish universities. Terms of appointment
and salary will be according to the agreement between the Ministry of Finance
and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. Salary for a PhD
scholarship is approximately 270.000 Dkk per year.

For more information about the positions, please contact professor of Computer
Science Henning Christiansen, phone +45 4674 3832, email henning from ruc.dk, or
associate professor of Molecular Biology Ole Skovgaard, phone +45 4674 2405,
email olesk from ruc.dk.

The application marked Phd-1 or Phd-2 together with appendices in three copies

Roskilde University
Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies
Att. Agnete Nebsager
Post Box 260,
DK-4000 Roskilde

Closing date: Monday July 2 2007 at 12.00.

Material received after this time will not be taken into account.
Applications sent by e-mail will not be considered.

Excerpts from    http://www.ruc.dk/ruc_en/about/Positions/phd_bioinfo/


Prashanth Suravajhala
PhD Fellow

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