[Computational-biology] 1 Post-doc position is open in the area of optimization applied to bioinformatics in Orsay, France

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Mon Aug 4 11:12:44 EST 2008

Apologies for cross-postings. Please forward to interested students.
1 Post-doc position is open in the area of optimization applied to
bioinformatics in Orsay, France.

Optimization and search methods for combinatorial or mixed discrete-
continuous problems are reaching a mature state that allows users to
tackle real-world problems in an efficient way. However, both exact
methods (e.g. Constraint Programming) and heuristic and meta-heuristic
approaches (e.g. Evolutionary Algorithms) have to face the critical
issue of parameter tuning, that remains problem- and even instance-
dependent, and requires past experience of the algorithm being used.

The selected candidate will reinforce the Adaptive Combinatorial
Search project, whose objective is to set up automatic tuning methods
for search algorithms in e-science, allowing scientists who have
little knowledge of the search technique itself to nevertheless solve
their optimization problem without the need for some "optimization
Relying on Machine Learning and statistical techniques, the project
addresses both off-line and on-line tuning issues, at the problem
level as well as at the instance level. The target algorithms are
Constraint Programming, building on the expertise of the Constraint
Reasoning Group at MSR, and meta-heuristics, with a particular
emphasis on Evolutionary Algorithms, one research area of the TAO
project-team at INRIA Futurs.

The position will be located at the new INRIA-Microsoft Joint lab in
Orsay, France (http://www.msr-inria.inria.fr).

Suitable Profiles:
Post-doc candidates *must have completed their PhD*. Ideal candidates
should have a strong experience in bio-informatics, search, and
Machine Learning.
* Competencies: Computational Biology, Constraint Programming, Meta-
heuristics, Machine Learning.
* Technical skills: C, C++, C#, Matlab.
* Additional competencies: French.

Standard French public Post-doc package.
Send full CV and at least two letters of reference to 'youssefh at
microsoft dot com'.

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