[Computational-biology] Google get Bioinformatician connected

Fred via comp-bio%40net.bio.net (by frederic.fleche from gmail.com)
Mon Dec 8 17:22:38 EST 2008

Dear all,

We are very delighted, at Bioinformatics.fr, to let you know that we
successfully set up Google Friend Connect on Bioinformatics.fr

That means that all people from the bioinformatics world will be able
to be connected to each other and share any kind of useful information
related to Bioinformatics.

Up to now you can comment/review all available bioinformatics
databases/web servers/links/blogs/books listed.
You can also give a review of your bioinformatics degree if you are
proud of it.
You can also promote any kind of Bioinformatics News and Tools on the
"Bioinformatics Wall" available at http://www.bioinformatics.fr

And in a near futur you will ba able to add your resume and tell other
what field(s) of Bioinformatics are you interested/efficient in.

Don't waste time and join us to be part the Bioinformatics Networks.
You can Log in using an account you've already have at Google, Yahoo,

Use this link to join us :



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