[Computational-biology] Biocomputing course, March 2009

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Computational biology, or Biocomputing, is concerned with the
development of methods for the efficient storage and processing of
biological data. A large part of the work of computational biologists
thus consists of the management and analysis of strings of characters.
These strings may be nucleic acid or protein sequences, or their

This online course, from The University of Manchester, introduces perl,
for data processing, and database design. It is suitable for anyone with
some experience in programming, who needs to extend their skills in
application design.

Our distance courses are delivered in a Virtual Learning Environment,
which allows us to extend the classroom into the web.  Each course,
which is paced to suit those in full-time employment, runs over 16
teaching weeks.  In this course, teaching and learning are focussed
around tutor-supported group activities.

Week 1			Introduction and software setup
Week 2 			The unix operating system

Week 3			Data interchange and display	

Week 4			CGI and perl	

Weeks 5 to 9		perl project	

Weeks 10 and 11		Relational database design
Week 12			The data:user interface

Weeks 13 to 16		Database project

You will find information on all our courses, including fees and a link
to the online application form, here :
http://octette.cs.man.ac.uk/bioinformatics/index.html  If you have any
questions, or need advice on the module options, please contact
Heather.Vincent from manchester.ac.uk

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