[Computational-biology] REASONS why you should attend virtual conference on Bioinformatics :Inbix '10 (February 12-13,2010)

Prash via comp-bio%40net.bio.net (by prash from bioclues.org)
Fri Jan 22 00:41:15 EST 2010

Dear All,
As you are all aware that Inbix '10 is to be scheduled on February
12-13 and some of you, as evident from umpteen e mails we get, must be
wondering how good would be to attend such virtual conference on
Bioinformatics: http://www.bioinformatics.org/wiki/Inbix10

We feel several reasons do exist and we recommend you NOT to miss the chance:

ONE,  it's online (virtual) and you gotta save lots of time and
energy, sitting in your home/work etc.  If you are a group of 10 or
more you will have a discounted registration fee.  Furthermore, the
registration is just  500 INR or 10 USD.

TWO, you will have the chance to go through the recorded presentations
incase you run out of time or don't have time to attend a particular

THREE,   You will have impeccable chance to chat with the biggies,
some of them who have been co-founders of Internet, bioinformatics to
systems biology etc.  Could you  do it in your life time, or per se
get a chance to meet such prolific speakers  in the near future?  Who
knows?  Why not grab this opportunity?

FOUR,  you know what ?   50% of the collaborations do gain momentum
only through attending the conferences, symposia etc. Why not exchange
your ideas, thoughts, gain collaboration through this ?

FIVE and most important,  you don't get time to discover scientist
within you lest you meet people. And please think what ?  Discussing
this with people virtually attending using the state-of-the-art
logistics etc would mean that your ideas are shared in real time,

Looking forward to have you for this FIRST virtual Indian conference.
That said, few late breaking registrations are still welcome if you
haven't registered for the one.

All the best and sincere apologies for dubious/cross post, if any.

Prash for Inbix '10 organizers

Prashanth Suravajhala

Have you registered for the first virtual Indian Bioinformatics conference ?

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