[Computational-biology] computing fractal surface dimension of a protein

ewan via comp-bio%40net.bio.net (by thalia from aol.it)
Sat Jan 23 03:58:35 EST 2010

I'm working with fractal dimension but I have some problems with the
algorithm I must use to cut the protein into slices .That's what I
have to do, starting from a txt file containing the atomic coordinates
of the atoms of the protein:

1) cut the protein into slices using a set of parallel planes
2) for each slice, compute the fractal dimension of the border

I know how to implement part 2) but I have no idea of the algorithm I
must use in part 1)
I also know that P.Pfeiffer used the algorithm I'm looking for
("fractal surface dimension of proteins: lysozyme" chem.
phys. lett. 1985, vol113, number 6, pag 535). I have found the
article, but I can't find the details I nedd.
Can you help me?


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