[Computational-biology] ACM-BCB 2011 - Call for Workshop Proposals

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Wed Jan 5 15:31:00 EST 2011

2011 ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and =
Biomedicine (ACM BCB 11)
August 1-3, 2011, Chicago, Illinois


The ACM-BCB-2011 organizing committee invites proposals for workshops to =
be held in conjunction with the conference. The purpose of a workshop is =
to provide participants with the opportunity to present and discuss =
novel research ideas on active and emerging topics of knowledge =
discovery and data mining. A workshop should also support the =
interaction and feedback among topic specialists from academia, industry =
and government.

Workshops that focus on a challenge problem, e.g., text mining in =
biomedicine, biomedical ontologies, biomolecular network construction =
and analysis, translational biomedical applications, computational =
immunology and vaccinology applications, next generation sequencing =
applications, protein structure, function and dynamics, RNA-based =
regulatory mechanisms, multi-scale modeling, are especially welcome. =
Because such challenges require extra time to plan, we may be willing to =
provide early notice of acceptance.

The organizers of approved workshops are required to create a workshop =
web page to be linked to the main conference web page, announce the =
workshop and call for papers, gather submissions, conduct the reviewing =
process and decide upon the final workshop program. They must also =
prepare an informal workshop proceedings to be distributed with the =
registration materials at the conference or published on the web. They =
may choose to form organizing or program committees for assistance in =
these tasks. The logistics of the workshops will be coordinated with =
help from the ACM BCB-2011 organizers.

Important Dates:
	=95 Workshop proposals due Feb 15, 2011
	=95 Notification of decision Mar 1, 2011
	=95 Workshops will be run concurrently one or two days before =
the main conference (depending on the number of successful proposals).

Proposals should be no more than five pages in length and must include =
the following:
	=95 Description of the workshop abstract, objectives, goals, =
relevance, and expected outcome
	=95 Description of workshop topic and the associated research =
	=95 Motivations why an ACM BCB workshop on this topic should =
take place
	=95 Description of the anticipated target group(s) of attendees
	=95 Past workshops and other related recent workshops
	=95 Duration of the workshop (full day or half day)
	=95 Contact information (address, email, and phone) for all =
	=95 A designated contact person

The organizers are encouraged to provide the following additional =
	=95 Description of a potential challenge problem
	=95 A preliminary list of reviewers
	=95 One or more potential invited speakers
	=95 A list of potential authors
	=95 A list of potential attendees

Proposers are encouraged to have their drafts reviewed by potential =
workshop participants before submission.

Workshop proposals should be submitted by email with the subject =
containing =93ACM-BCB 2011 Workshop proposal=94 to the workshop =
co-chairs (see below).

Workshop Program Co-Chairs

	=95 Vasant Honavar, Iowa State University (honavar from iastate.edu)
	=95 Taner Sen, United States Department of Agriculture =
(taner from iastate.edu)=

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