[Computational-biology] NETTAB 2012 Integrated Bio-Search: Deadline approaching for abstracts for oral communications

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   Dear all,
   this is an update on latest news and a reminder for next deadline for
   the submission of Abstracts for Oral Communications.
   The main deadlines for abstracts submission are the following:
   - July 23, 2012: Abstract submission deadline for Oral communications
   - September 20, 2012: Abstract submission deadline for the
   Industrial-Technological Session
   - September 30, 2012: Abstract submission deadline for Posters
   Here follow the latest news on the workshop.
   Keynote talks (confirmed)
   + Integration and analysis of multi-type high-throughput data for
   biomolecular knowledge discovery
      Erik Bongam-Rudloff, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,
   and Uppsala University, Sweden.
   + Semantics based biomedical knowledge search, integration and
      Barend Mons, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands, and
   Netherlands Bioinformatics Center
   + Clinical and genomic data integration in support of biomedical
   research and clinical practice
      Eric Neumann, CTO, PanGenX and CEO, Clinical Semantics Technologies
   Tutorials (confirmed)
   + The Taverna Workbench: Integrating and analysing biological and
   clinical data with computerised workflows
      Katy Wolstencroft, School of Computer Science, University of
   Manchester, United Kingdom
   BMC Bioinformatics Supplement
   BMC agreed to publish a Supplement of BMC Bioinformatics on next
   NETTAB 2012 workshop.
   A Call for full papers restricted to works presented at NETTAB 2012,
   both as oral communication and as poster, will be launched after the
   Industrial-Technological Session
   A special session will be devoted to Industrial-technological
   This session is meant to include presentations about methodological,
   scientific and technological issues
   of industrial products and tools that are already available from
   companies and research groups,
   as well as about their actual implementation, application domains, and
   related results.
   These communications must not convey any commercial message.
   Companies interested in some commercial actions may ask for
   sponsorship opportunities.
   A summary of the Call for abstracts is presented below.
   For detailed information, please refer to the web site at
   or contact the organization by email at nettab2012 from elet.polimi.it .
   I'm looking forward to see you all in Como in November.
   Best regards. Paolo Romano
   NETTAB 2012 on "Integrated Bio-Search"
   November 14-16, 2012, Como, Italy
   Focus Theme
   NETTAB 2012 on "Integrated Bio-Search" will be focused on all
   technologies, methods, architectures, systems and applications for
   searching, retrieving, integrating and analyzing data, information,
   knowledge, infrastructures, services and tools that are required to
   answer complex bio-medical-molecular questions.
   We are looking for abstracts on all aspects of data integration search
   in biomedicine. These include methods, algorithms, tools, platforms
   and applications for creation, syntactic and semantic management,
   integration, query, retrieval, and mining of Omics, biological and
   clinical data information and knowledge.
   The following list is not meant to be exclusive of any further topics
   as stated above.
   Syntactic and semantic methods and algorithms for biological and
       Data and knowledge management,
       Information and knowledge extraction,
       Data and knowledge integration,
       Data and knowledge query,
       Data, information and knowledge retrieval,
       Data and knowledge mining.
   New and optimized technologies for:
       Biomedical federated databases,
       Data warehouses,
       Triple stores,
       Biomedical Data Mining,
       Terminologies and Ontologies,
       Systems' interoperability,
       Natural Language Processing,
       Automatic workflow processing.
   Tools and platforms for:
       Molecular data management and storage,
       Deep sequencing analysis,
       Omics data computing,
       Search Computing,
       Decision Support,
       Clinical bioinformatics.
   Useful applications of above methods, technologies and tools for:
       Biomedical and clinical knowledge assessment,
       Biomedical and clinical knowledge integration,
       Biomedical and clinical knowledge discovery,
       Biomedical and clinical knowledge validation,
       Drug Design,
       Diagnosis support,
       Prognosis support,
       Personalized medicine.
   Type of contributions
   The following contributions are sought:
       Oral communications
       Industrial-Technological communications
   All accepted abstracts will be published in the workshop proceedings,
   that we plan to publish in a journal.
   Full papers from abstracts presented at NETTAB 2012 will be published
   in a Supplement of BMC Bioinformatics,
   one of the leading bioinformatics journals.
   BMC Bioinformatics is a peer-review, open access journal. Its Impact
   Factor for 2010 is 3.029.
   To this aim, a special Call for papers, restricted to oral
   communications and posters presented at the NETTAB 2012
   workshop, will be launched around end of 2012.
   - July 23, 2012: Abstract submission deadline for Oral communications
   - September 20, 2012: Abstract submission deadline for the
   Industrial-Technological Session
   - September 30, 2012: Abstract submission deadline for Posters
   - October 16, 2012: Early registration deadline
   Submit your abstract through the EasyChair system at
   [3]http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=nettab2012 .
   Instructions for the preparation of the abstract have been included
   within an MS Word template that is available on-line.
   Please, download, rename and use this template to write abstracts!
   The length of all abstracts, both for oral communications and for
   posters, should be between 2 and 3 pages, including
   no more than one table or figure.
   They should include the following sections: Motivation and Objectives,
   Methods, Results and Discussion, References.
   All contributions for oral communications will be evaluated by at
   least two referees.
   All posters will be evaluated on the basis of their relevance for the
   workshop's topics only.

   Paolo Romano (paolo.romano from istge.it)
   IRCCS San Martino University Hospital - IST National Cancer Research
   NETTAB Workshops. Stay tuned!
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   1. 3D"http://www.nettab.org/2012/"
   2. 3D"http://www.nettab.org/2012/"
   3. 3D"http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=nettab2012"
   4. 3D"http://www.nettab.org/"

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