Fish Photos at Sea

Lawrence Taylor biodiver at
Sat Dec 28 15:40:02 EST 1996


I'll be off to sea in a couple of weeks on a research trawller headed>
for Nova Scotia - Newfoundland waters (burp!). We will be towing from 50
to 600 meters and I will be setting up a video copystand and aquaria for
filming odd fishes. Any references, hints or anecdotes would be greatly
appreciated. I will likely polarize the copystand set-up (gels on lights
and polarizing lens), anyone tried this at sea. Trawls will last only 15
minutes, any ideas on condition of fish when they arrive on board. I
plan on using ice and cold sea water to keep dead fish in best condition
before filming, any better ideas. Also, an better ideas than freezing
for fish I wish to shoot after the trip? Live fish I hope to shoot in
aquaria, I just have to figure out how to stop water from sloshing out
of tank on high seas.

Cheers Lawrence 
biodiver at

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