reproductive behaviour, damselfish

marta picciulin picciu at
Fri Jul 26 12:23:56 EST 1996

We have been worrking since 2 years on the reproductive behaviour of the 
damselfish C.CROMIS, that we study in the natural environment in the 
Marine Reserv of Miramare (Trieste, Italia ) in collaboration with the 
university of Trieste, department of Biology (prof. E.Ferrero).
We are looking for references on this subject and any general information 
on damselfishes.
Is ther anyone studyng the same topic or evenctually interested about 
this ?
               thank you very much for your interest

Marta Picciulin & Laura Verginella
Riserva Marina di Miramare 
tel., fax. 0039-40-224147
e-mail picciu at
e-mail WWFrismir at

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