Forthcoming Book: Deep Atlantic

Geoff Read at
Mon Sep 16 12:00:37 EST 1996

Prepublication blurb from a web bookdealer (& possibly at other
stores near you sooner or later):

"Deep Atlantic : Life, Death, and Exploration in the Abyss"

by Richard Ellis

Subjects: Abyssal zone, Atlantic Ocean, Marine Biology

Publisher: Knopf
Binding: Hardcover
Expected publication date: October 1, 1996
ISBN: 0679433244

"Synopsis: From the author of Monsters of the Sea and The Book of
Whales comes an exhilarating armchair expedition to the last frontier
on earth--the bottom of the sea. Ellis first surveys the history of
deep-sea exploration, then plunges into the Atlantic's great
repository of strange and wondrous fauna , 102 drawings. 32 photos."

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