Training request

Julian "101604,2065" at
Mon Feb 3 09:44:35 EST 1997


  I am about to finish my studies in Electronics and in Industrial
computing at the Technological Institute of Montpellier (University of
Montpellier - France). I am about to do a 3-months training placement
(from June 1997) before graduating in September 1997.
  Being very interested in Oceanography I would be especially keen to
join a professional team working in related activities where I could be
involved in all the aspects of the project(s) being carried on while
dedicating myself to part of it. I would also be glad to go abroad and
wouldn't mind working at sea, on the ground or either.
  For further information about my academic background, professional
experience, hobbies, etc, do not hesitate to contact me or to see my
Homepage at "".

                  Julien FAVIER

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