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Geoff Read at
Fri Sep 12 09:22:47 EST 1997

> I'm looking for a site that would tell me what a heteromastus filiformes
> is. I've been able to gather it is some sort of ribbon sea worm but would
>  like a definite description.

Heteromastus filiformis is a 'well-known' capitellid polychaete (Annelida) 
often associated with organic enrichment environments.

The most definite description there is!

Hutchings,PA; Rainer,SF (1982): Designation of a neotype of _Capitella
filiformis_ Claparede 1864, type species of the genus _Heteromastus_
(Polychaeta:Capitellidae). Records of the Australian Museum 34,

> Does anyone know of an online reference where you can enter the
> scientific name of something (really anything) and get back a description
> of what it is?

Wow, yes! Unfortunately it doesn't exist. But try the free biosis service:

  Geoff Read < at>

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