Deep-Sea Newsletter No. 27, June 1998

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Tue Jul 14 09:29:48 EST 1998

The latest edition of the Deep-Sea Newsletter is out.  Below is a summary
of the contents.

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No. 27, 1998

* Summary of the 8th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium (Monterery, September 1997)
* Details of the upcoming 9th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium (Galway, 2000)
* Cancellation Notice: Arabian Sea Conference, July 1998
* Report on 1st International Symposium on Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Biology
   (Madiera, October 1997)
* Article: "What became of Lemche's lophenteropneust?"
* Letter: "Deep-Sea Swan Song" from Dr. Tony Rice (retiring)

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